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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Helpful Info on Recovering Your Pool Table

There are 2 types of pocket pool tables which are the bar style (coin-op) 1-piece slate pool table and the standard home or commercial style 3-piece slate pool table. On bar style tables many owners have trouble recovering the rails with new pool table felt cloth since the rails are different then those found on a standard or commercial style table.

We made a short video on recovering bar style pool table rails which should help. Regardless of the type of pool table it's important to note that the new pool table felt should be pulled tight but not overstretched on the rails. Overstretching will usually result in dimples in the rubber cushion.

When it comes to installing pool table felt on the slate we particularly like the Diamond pool table recovering video part 1 and part 2. This method is useful whether you have a 1-piece or 3-piece slate pool table. The glue used in this video is 3M-10 Scotchweld which is available here. Although some tables can be stapled we've found that glue gives much better results.

A word on Stretch Index. When installing pool table felt on the slate always adhere the felt to the slate on 1 long side of the table first. Then go to the other side, stretch the cloth to the max between the side and either end pocket and make a small mark on the felt cloth at the top edge of the slate. Let go of the felt and take a measurement from the opposite edge of the slate back to your mark. Add a 1/2" to this measurement and this figure is your stretch index. Now mark the cloth in several places along the long side of the uninstalled cloth. Use a straightedge to draw a line across your marks. Now when you start installing this side of the felt cloth you stretch the cloth so your line is pulled to this edge of the slate. This assures that your felt cloth is stretched evenly from side to side.

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